The Treatment Process

Fluoride treatments at Gardena Family Dentistry and Orthodontics are straightforward and quick, making them an easy addition to regular dental check-ups. After a professional cleaning, a concentrated fluoride gel, foam, varnish, or solution is applied to the teeth. This can be done with a brush, tray, or mouthwash, depending on the patient's age, preferences, and specific dental needs. The fluoride preparation used is much stronger than that found in toothpaste and drinking water, providing superior protection against cavities. Patients are usually advised to avoid eating or drinking for a short period after the treatment to allow the fluoride to fully absorb.

Fluoride Treatment Benefits And Recommendations

Benefits and Recommendations

Incorporating fluoride treatments into dental care offers numerous advantages:

  • Enhanced Enamel Strength : Fluoride actively remineralizes tooth enamel, helping to repair early decay before a cavity forms.

  • Cavity Prevention : Regular fluoride applications can significantly reduce the risk of cavities in both children and adults.

  • Long-term Savings : By preventing decay, fluoride treatments can save patients time and money by reducing the need for fillings, crowns, or more complex dental procedures.

Dentists at Gardena Family Dentistry and Orthodontics typically recommend fluoride treatments for patients with a history of dental decay, those with certain medical conditions, or anyone at increased risk of cavities. These treatments are part of a holistic approach to dental wellness, emphasizing the importance of preventive care in maintaining a healthy, vibrant smile.