Customized Veneer Solutions

At Gardena Family Dentistry and Orthodontics, the journey to a perfect smile begins with a personalized consultation, where dental professionals assess your specific needs and goals. Porcelain veneers, known for their durability and natural appearance, are often recommended. These thin, custom-made shells are expertly crafted to cover the front surface of teeth, instantly improving their color, shape, size, and overall appearance. The team at Gardena Family Dentistry and Orthodontics ensures that each veneer is tailored to complement your unique facial features and skin tone, guaranteeing a natural and appealing result.

Streamlined Process for Patient Comfort

1. Consultation & Planning

This initial step involves assessing your dental needs and discussing your desired outcomes. You'll also select the best material and design for your veneers based on your preferences and the dentist's recommendations.

2. Tooth Preparation

The dentist slightly reshapes the tooth surface to prepare for veneer application and takes an impression, which is used to create your custom veneers.

3. Veneer Fabrication

In our Gardena dental lab, our technicians will craft your custom veneers based on the impressions, ensuring they match the size, shape, and color needed for a natural look.

4. Veneer Application

The final step involves fitting the veneers to your teeth, making any necessary adjustments for a perfect fit, and then bonding them in place for a transformed smile.